Abandoned Pooch Left Stranded at Train Station Rescued After Weeks of Neglect

In Lima, Peru, a dog was abandoned at a subway station four years ago. Rescuers gave him the name “Cabezón” and found him strapped to a wheeled machine. Unfortunately, the straps were too tight around his body, leaving him immobile and with his head down.

Sara Moran, the mastermind behind Milagros Perrunos, a small sanctuary in Peru that caters to disabled dogs, is uncertain about how “Cabezón” ended up there. However, she believes that Cabezón’s owner might have left him tied up and abandoned after he hurt his hind legs. Bobblehead’s story is different; some children found and fed him, and they also helped him escape from an object. Cabezoncito, on the other hand, had an accident that rendered him unable to walk, according to news sources.


Despite the daily bustle of human crowds, nobody took notice of the dog’s plight. Sara revealed that Cabezón was already in a critical state. With a change of heart, the young men decided to bring Bobblehead along and carried him to Sara’s residence. She had a compassionate habit of looking after stray dogs and providing care for the ones who were severely injured or paralyzed by keeping them in specially designed cots.

As soon as Sara noticed that something was wrong with Cabezón, she rushed him to see a doctor. Unfortunately, the news wasn’t good. The doctor informed her that Cabezón had suffered serious spinal injuries, kidney failure, and multiple cuts and sores. To make things worse, he was completely immobilized from being tied to a table where he was forced to urinate and defecate, leading to severe genital damage.


There’s a chance Bobblehead might not pull through, and if he did, the vet said he’d be paralyzed for life. Sara thinks that in Peru, where stray animals are common, many owners would choose to put down a dog like Cabezón who’s injured and alone.

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