“Furless German Shepherd Cuties Get Adopted Into Their Dream Homes”

Upon arrival at the shelter, two German shepherd puppies were found to be hairless. Nichole, a volunteer, initially suspected they had common mange but was proven wrong later on. The man who brought them to the shelter claimed they were born without hair, which made the staff suspicious. They thought the wrinkly pups might be suffering from a skin disease.

Hairless German Shepherd Puppies Are So Big Now — Watch Them Get Adopted! |  The Dodo Adoption Day - YouTube

After taking the two cutely naked puppies to the veterinarian, it was found out that they were not suffering from mange, but actually had alopecia. Alopecia is a condition where the immune system harms the hair follicles, which can be caused by extreme stress, and its primary symptom is the loss of hair.

In dogs, alopecia may also occur due to fungal or bacterial infections, mites, or due to the dog’s continuous scratching or licking of an itchy or painful area. This condition is not breed or gender-specific and can affect dogs at any stage of their life. However, the bald appearance of two cute puppies did not stop them from receiving love and care at their foster home. With time, they learned to adapt to new people, surroundings, and situations without being nervous. Finally, after a month, they were ready to be adopted into separate homes. Interestingly, the adoption post described them as “hairless little armadillo puppies,” and they received almost 50 applications in no time.

Xavier, the adorable puppy, was finally going to meet his new daddy, Tyler. Interestingly, Tyler also shares Xavier’s condition of alopecia. Excited for their meeting, Tyler drove for hours to reach his little pup. As soon as they met, Xavier showered his dad with love and affection, wagging his tail excitedly and licking him with puppy kisses. The love between the two was instant and Tyler’s heart swelled with happiness.

With Xavier in his arms, Tyler started his journey back home where his furry friends awaited him. On reaching home, Xavier met his new fur mom and fur brother who were equally elated to welcome him. It was a stroke of luck that Xavier’s new mom spotted him up for adoption and welcomed him into their loving family.

Hairless German Shepherd Apollo - Exclusive Interview With His Owner -  Shepherds' Bone

Zander, the second puppy, found his forever home with Aida and Tyler as his new fur parents. The couple embarked on a 6-hour journey to pick up their furry bundle of joy. Their decision was cemented when they came across a video showcasing Zander’s adorable butt wrinkles.

Although resembling an “armadillo,” the puppy is incredibly cute and looks even more adorable in his shirt. He will undoubtedly enjoy his new active home, where he will have a German Shepherd brother as company. During their first encounter, the puppy immediately adores his new dad and showers him with kisses before proceeding to meet mom. Afterward, they embark on a six-hour drive to their forever home in Birmingham.

Hairless German Shepherd puppies find their perfect forever homes

Witness the cutest puppies as they embark on a journey to discover their new dwellings and bond with their newly-found siblings. It warms our hearts to see them all matched with such wonderful families, and we hope they will have the most fulfilling life. Don’t hesitate to spread this heartwarming tale to your loved ones.

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