Misidentified as a Lion for His Staggering 24.3lbs, this Affectionate Cat Wins Hearts with His Gentle Nature

In the world of domestic cats, there’s a particular feline who has been turning heads and raising eyebrows, all because of his extraordinary size. Meet Whiskers, a cat that weighs in at a staggering 24.3 pounds (11 kilograms) and, due to his imposing stature, once found himself mistaken for a lion. But beneath this impressive exterior lies a heart of gold, and Whiskers has been captivating everyone he meets with his incredibly gentle and affectionate nature.

Whiskers’ journey to fame, or perhaps more accurately, notoriety, began in a quiet suburban neighborhood. He arrived at a local animal shelter as a stray, with his massive frame immediately grabbing the attention of shelter staff and visitors alike. Many couldn’t believe their eyes when they first saw him – his sheer size and majestic mane-like fur around his neck led to playful jokes about having a lion in their midst.

Despite the initial amusement, it was soon apparent that Whiskers was not just a hefty bundle of fur but a gentle giant with a heart full of love. His disposition was as soft as his immense paws, and he would often nuzzle and purr with unmatched enthusiasm when anyone approached him.

Word of Whiskers’ extraordinary size and lovable personality quickly spread, and soon, visitors flocked to the shelter just to meet him. Families and individuals alike were captivated by this unique cat, and inquiries about adopting him poured in. Yet, Whiskers remained patient, his warm amber eyes watching each potential adopter with curiosity.

It was clear that Whiskers was not just an oversized cat; he was a cat with a mission – to find a home where his enormous heart could be appreciated as much as his imposing size. And he succeeded. A kind-hearted couple, intrigued by Whiskers’ story, visited the shelter and instantly connected with the gentle giant. They saw beyond his lion-like appearance and recognized the loving soul beneath.

Whiskers, once mistaken for a lion, now enjoys the comforts of a loving home where his size is no longer a curiosity but a source of endearment. He shares his days with his new family, showering them with affection, and they, in turn, cherish every cuddle and purr from their oversized furry friend.

Whiskers’ story serves as a heartwarming reminder that it’s not just appearances that matter; it’s the love and kindness that reside within. His journey from being misidentified as a lion to finding a loving home showcases the incredible capacity of animals to win hearts and change lives with their gentle and affectionate nature. Whiskers, the 24.3-pound cat with the heart of gold, proves that love comes in all sizes, and sometimes, it’s the biggest hearts that leave the most profound pawprints on our lives.

Sareeta, a product manager in medical devices, said they call him Thor because he’s ‘very handsome but he is quite dim’


Sareeta says people often mistake him for a dog and even a lion and often tag her in posts of big cat sightings across Worcestershire

His owner said: ‘He goes through a 3kg biscuit bag a month. I’m glad he prefers the dry biscuits as it would be so expensive for the meat.’


The mother-of-three said: ‘Murphy (pictured) is one now and we got him last November. He was about 13 or 14 weeks old and at that stage he was the same size as our regular cat who’s only little’

‘Maine Coons grow until they’re about three-years-old so who knows how big Murphy (pictured as a kitten) is going to get, he’s already the size of your average dog,’ said Sareeta

Sareeta said she’ll be keeping an extra close eye on his length in the coming years to see if he can break the record. Pictured, Murphy, when he was a kitten

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