“Pit Bull Surrenders to Police After Responding to Aggressive Dog Report”

As a Texarkana police officer, receiving a call about a fierce pit bull roaming free filled him with anxiety. He anticipated an encounter with a hazardous animal, but something unexpected happened that brought joy to his day.

Vicious' Dog Call Turns into Friendship Between 'Pit Bull' and Police  Officer

Officer Travis Frost was called to a location where a “vicious dog” was reported. He quickly reached the address and saw a big pit bull resting on the front porch of a house. Being cautious, he left the door open while stepping out of his vehicle, anticipating any attack from the dog. As he made a soft whistle, the pit bull responded with excitement and ran straight towards him, wagging its tail. Officer Frost greeted the dog and spent some time petting him, and what followed was an incredibly heartwarming moment.

The attractive pit bull strolled towards the unlocked door of the police car and hopped in comfortably, making himself at home. While animal control officers were on their way, Officer Frost captured some photos of the charming pitty relishing the cruiser’s company.
In a Facebook post, Officer Frost expressed, “Pit bulls are often viewed negatively. Although it’s important to exercise caution around unfamiliar dogs, don’t assume that all pit bulls are aggressive. As seen with this fella, some can be incredibly affectionate and friendly.”

Earlier today, Officer Travis Frost responded to a call about a dangerous dog. He found the dog lying on someone’s front porch and approached him cautiously. To be safe, he left the door of his patrol car open in case the dog attacked him. As he whistled at the dog, he was pleasantly surprised to see the animal come towards him with his tail wagging. After exchanging some pets, the dog jumped into the front seat of Travis’ patrol car and made himself comfortable. They hung out and took some pictures until an Animal Control Officer arrived to take care of the dog.

Police Officers Get Biggest Surprise Responding To 'Vicious Dog' Call - The  Dodo

Pit Bulls are often viewed in a negative light. Travis pointed out that it’s important to exercise caution with any unfamiliar dog, but it’s unfair to label all pit bulls as aggressive. Some of them can be just as affectionate as the one we encountered earlier today.

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