Rescuing a faithful guard dog from the brink: A tale of timely intervention

It was a truly heartbreaking sight when a severely malnourished dog became too weak to stand up. She desperately tried to lie down on a heap of rags, but unfortunately, a tight chain was wrapped around her neck, making it impossible for her to find any comfort. Her head hung limply as she struggled to cope with the unbearable pain and exhaustion.

The poor dog, Cala, was employed as a guard dog by a mechanic in San Jose, Costa Rica, but her owner neglected to provide her with proper nutrition and medical attention when she fell ill. As a result, Cala’s health deteriorated over time, and breathing became an uphill battle for her. Fortunately, kind-hearted neighbors intervened by reporting the case to local authorities and reaching out to Territorio de Zaguates, a reputable sanctuary that cares for thousands of dogs.

Upon coming across Cala’s condition, Lya Battle, the founder of Territorio de Zaguates, was overcome with a mixture of sadness and anger. According to The Dodo, Battle witnessed a photo of the dog that depicted a helpless creature robbed of its self-respect, on the brink of giving up. The animal’s spirit had been crushed, and it seemed like it was resigned to an unrelenting nightmare. The authorities and rescue team quickly responded to Cala’s plight, removing her from her abusive owner’s custody. A veterinarian attended to her ailments, including emaciation and wounds caused by the tight chain around her neck. Eventually, Cala found a new home at Territorio de Zaguates, where she could start rebuilding both her body and mind.

Cala went through some tough treatments to heal her injuries, especially the cut caused by being hung from a harsh metal chain around her neck for years. It was a painful experience, but Cala came to understand that love and rewards were waiting for her on the other side of the suffering. She pushed through every step of her recovery journey with determination.
Initially, Cala was cautious and suspicious around the other dogs in her kennel. Battle thought she might have never interacted with other canines before or had been conditioned to see them as threats. But over time, Cala learned to trust both her furry companions and the kindhearted people taking care of her.

According to Battle, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in Cala’s behavior over time. Initially, she was a frail and despondent creature lacking the will to fight for herself. However, with time, she became stronger and more self-assured, displaying playfulness and humor in her everyday life. Her personality evolved as days went by, and she gradually learned to trust humans, even seeking their attention at times. Despite these positive changes, Cala’s challenges were far from over. In June, an unfortunate incident occurred at the sanctuary when some cruel individuals infiltrated the area and fed poisoned sausages to innocent dogs, resulting in the deaths of 16 canines. Cala was among those who ingested one of the tainted sausages but miraculously survived.

According to Battle, Cala was discovered by them while still breathing. He speculates that her endurance could have been due to her size or possibly because she only ingested a small amount of the toxic substance. Nonetheless, Cala was rescued and, although she struggled with neurological issues for some time, she eventually recovered. Battle believes that coincidences do not exist in life, and Cala’s survival is a testament to her unbreakable spirit. Despite experiencing years of abuse, neglect, starvation, and illness, she persisted. Her resilience serves as a reminder that life is worth living, and humans eventually appeared to provide her with love and care. Even though the sanctuary lost other beloved dogs, Cala’s extraordinary survival demonstrated her toughness.

Cala is currently under the care of a foster family and is basking in the abundant love and attention given to her. Despite experiencing years of maltreatment, harassment, and confinement, Cala is slowly shedding her past and embracing her playful nature, which her foster mother happily welcomes. According to Battle, Cala seems to be going through a phase similar to mischievous puppies, which is perfectly alright. Her demeanor exudes happiness, strength, willfulness, a touch of stubbornness, and she is thoroughly spoilt by her foster family.

Having rescued countless dogs throughout her life and with more to come, Battle is truly inspired by Cala’s story. The tale showcases a heroic struggle between opposing forces of good and evil, where love ultimately emerges victorious. According to Battle, this rescue story serves as a powerful reminder to never lose hope in the face of adversity. It reinforces the importance of persisting in our efforts to make this world a better place, even when it seems challenging.

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