Unexpected Birthday Bash: How One Owner Celebrated 30 Years with the World’s Oldest Cat

Let me introduce you to Rubble, who is famously known as the “oldest cat in the world!” This magnificent feline is a British breed residing in Exeter, England. Rubble is an astonishingly mature 30 years old and is adored by his owner, Michele Foster. Foster received this adorable ginger and white kitty as a birthday present when he was just a wee kitten in May of 1988.

What a blessing this furry creature has been! Michele’s cat has been by her side for many years now, and she describes him as an affectionate and devoted companion. According to her, his longevity can be attributed to the abundance of attention and care that he receives, much like a doted-upon child.

In general, the cat is doing well but has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The feline’s medical needs are looked after by City Vets’ Dr. Shawn Moore to ensure that he stays fit and healthy. Dr. Moore stated that Rubble, the cat, might be the oldest one in the UK and is still thriving. Although he is on medication for his blood pressure, Rubble is in great shape.

Michele declined the proposal of entering Rubble, her beloved cat, into the Guinness World Records. Despite Rubble’s impressive age, Michele believes that the attention and fuss that comes with being a record holder would not suit him well. Rubble is already in his old age and prefers to live his remaining days in peace, without excessive attention or hassle. Michele feels that it’s best for Rubble to be left alone and not have too many people visiting him.

Cream Puff held the title of the oldest kitty in the Guinness Record before Rubble. This furball lived for 38 years and 3 days, which is quite remarkable. Although we can’t tell how long Rubble will live, one thing is for sure: his owner will shower him with love and attention until he purrs his last meow.

Just imagine how extraordinary it is that this feline has managed to survive for such a long time. You see, the typical lifespan of an indoor cat is around 15 to 20 years, while outdoor cats typically live between 2 and 9 years on average.

Let’s celebrate Rubble’s 30th birthday by wishing him a year filled with joy and good health. May he have countless happy days to come!

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