When Feline Love Strikes: A Woman Discovers Her Cat’s Affection for the Construction Workers Outside

A lady discovers that her feline companion has a hidden admiration towards the construction workers who are working outside her apartment window.

Cleo is a feline with an extensive fan base, including a group of construction workers who were working on a skyscraper 15 stories high. This fluffy, white cat has a magnetic personality that draws people towards her.

According to Cleo’s mom, Caelin Smith, she first noticed her feline friend’s fondness for the employees about four months ago when she started working from home. One day, while Cleo was meowing at something outside their 15th-floor window, Smith decided to have a look and saw that the employees were playing with her through the glass. Smith was amazed at how Cleo managed to get the employees wrapped around her paw and couldn’t help but wonder how long this had been going on.

At around 8:30 AM, the workers ascended the building of Mr. Smith. He mentioned that he always keeps the blinds up so that his feline friend named Cleo can see her “boyfriends” at work. According to him, it’s been amazing to watch Cleo’s relationship with the construction workers flourish. You can witness how Cleo interacts with her “boyfriends” by checking out the video. But her fondness towards handymen doesn’t stop there. This adorable cat, who is just a year and a half old, loves electricians, plumbers, and cable guys equally. As per Smith, their interactions are the most thrilling experiences that this city cat has ever had, given that they live in a 500 square foot studio apartment.

The employees are unable to interact with Cleo, but they eagerly anticipate seeing her on a daily basis. According to Smith, Cleo embodies the essence of a COVID cat, as she craves human companionship and despises being by herself. Whenever Smith leaves the house for longer than two hours, Cleo expresses her displeasure through vocalizations.

Smith expressed that the woman has a very kind and pleasant personality, with a soothing presence. According to Smith, this woman has added immense joy to their life.

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