Discovering a Cute Stray Pup with a Massive Hernia on its Belly

Star Network Rescue reported that RRSA India was alerted about a small Puppy in desperate need of help. The poor pup had a massive tumor that made it difficult for her to rest in a comfortable position. The team named her Raahi and found out that she was a stray dog with no one to look after her. Despite her size, Raahi showed incredible bravery in the face of her suffering.

Raahi had a massive protrusion from its belly that resembled a tumor. The bulge was so substantial that it raised concerns, and Raahi was quickly brought in for medical attention. Upon close examination, the veterinary team concluded that the bulge was an inguinal hernia. To address the issue, Raahi was sedated, and the team performed several operations.

According to the veterinarian, surgery was the best and safest option for Raahi, despite her small size. Following the surgery, Raahi was carefully stitched up and her two loose teeth were also removed. The only thing left for her to do was rest for a while. Fortunately, Raahi was in a lovely shelter and the shelter employees took great care of her during her recovery.

Following the surgery, she experienced a significant decline in her energy levels over the next 48 hours. Nonetheless, despite this temporary setback, she remained in good spirits and felt significantly better than before the procedure.

After a few days, the team noticed that she seemed much more at ease. This was particularly evident when she was lying down, as she no longer had to deal with a massive lump. As a result, she made a speedy recovery.

After the surgery, Raahi fully recovered and transformed into a joyful and energetic furry companion.

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