The Heartwarming Tale of a Family’s Adoption of a Resilient Dog Dubbed the ‘Unicorn’

“Unicorn Dog” with a Tough Past Finds Forever Home and Becomes the Sweetest Pup

Meet Strawberry, a two-year-old pit bull who has earned the nickname “unicorn dog” for her distinctive bump on the top of her head. After being transferred from one shelter to another and facing euthanasia, Strawberry has finally found a loving home in South Pasadena.

Strawberry’s journey has not been an easy one. She was rescued by the La Belle Foundation in Los Angeles, where staff members noticed the bump on her head. This led to concerns about her health and potential behavior issues, which put her at risk of being euthanized.

Despite her rough start, Strawberry has blossomed into the sweetest dog ever. Her new family adores her and is grateful to have given her a second chance at life. Strawberry’s story is a testament to the power of love and the importance of giving animals in need a chance to thrive.

The rescue group shared on their social media about a pup that has endured a lot. The dog has some terrible scratches on her swollen face and gooey eyes, along with two huge bumps on her head. The animal shelters initially believed the bump to be a tumor and had decided to put her down. However, further evaluations revealed that it was just scar tissue from an old wound and posed no threat to her life.

After Strawberry had fully recuperated and was set for adoption, the Kuhlman family from South Pasadena stumbled upon her profile online and were immediately drawn to her. Kristen Kuhlman, the family’s head, mentioned that there was something special about Strawberry that caught their attention. Despite having difficulty finding a permanent home, the family waited and deliberated before ultimately deciding to take Strawberry in. Upon browsing through adoption websites, Strawberry’s profile kept reappearing, which further cemented the family’s decision to adopt her.

The family had recently experienced the loss of their beloved dog who had been with them for 15 years. However, they decided to adopt Strawberry and shower her with lots of love and attention. According to Claire Kuhlman, one of Kristen’s twin daughters, Strawberry is a great cuddler and will even lay on top of you. She’s a big and heavy dog that loves snuggling.

The Kuhlmans were shocked to learn that their affectionate and charming dog was nearly put down. Jack Kuhlman, one of the twins in the family, speculates as to how the bump on her head may have deterred potential adopters. Despite this, the family kept her original name “Strawberry” as they felt it suited her perfectly.

Jeff Kuhlman, the head of the family, shared that their dog’s name is “cute,” although a bit long, which led them to give her the nickname “Strawbs.” The family found a leash adorned with strawberries, which seemed fitting for their furry friend. The children love playing fetch and cuddling with Strawberry as soon as they come home from school. Strawberry’s distinct bump on her head makes her easily recognizable in the neighborhood and has earned her many admirers. According to Kristen Kuhlman, she is loved by many people who would often greet her while passing by.

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