Thankful Canine Shows Appreciation to Brave Firefighter with a Kiss

In Maine, USA, Jeff Nawfel – the captain of the Wells Fire Department – took on the task of calming down a husky and earning its trust so that he could safely return it to its house. Dogs have been known for their devotion to humans and their helpful traits, making them excellent companions for various tasks around the home and in rural areas throughout history.

Sometimes, our beloved pets need our help to overcome challenging situations. This was the case for a cute husky dog from Wells, Maine. The poor pup was stuck on the roof of his home, as shown in a video shared by the Wells Police Department on their Facebook page. Despite his owners’ calls for him to come down, he remained stranded until help arrived.

Watch a dog kiss a firefighter who rescued him from a roof | Metro News

Even though it seemed like a small and uncomplicated situation, the municipal Fire Department had to step in to help and safely rescue the furry creature.

Based on the pictures, it seems like the firefighter climbed up to the roof of the house and managed to soothe the dog so that it would trust him. Once they had established a bond, the firefighter picked up the dog and brought it back inside through the window and into the fireplace. But just before they went in, the dog stopped for a moment to give the firefighter a kiss on the cheek, almost as if it was thanking him for saving its life.

In 2018, a cute puppy got stuck on the roof and Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel came to the rescue. The police shared a statement crediting Officer Steve McDonald’s video and thanking everyone who helped with the rescue. Captain Nawfel expressed his gratitude to those who assisted in freeing the furry friend.

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