The Cutest Puppy Quirk: Walking on Two Legs Like a Little Human

Dogs and humans have distinct physical structures and movement patterns. However, dogs possess an exceptional capability to learn and adjust, enabling them to perform tasks that resemble human actions. Among these fascinating tricks is teaching a dog to stand upright on its hind legs, which proves beneficial in grooming, nail trimming, and vet examinations. It takes persistence and repetition to train a dog to assume this stance, but the outcomes are worth the effort.


Let me introduce you to Coco, an absolutely charming dog who has not only learned how to stand tall on her hind legs but also absolutely loves doing it! Her owners taught her this trick, but little did they know that Coco would become such a pro at it. In fact, she caught on so quickly that she surprised everyone by not only being able to stand upright but also enjoying it immensely. Even without any encouragement, Coco would spontaneously lift her paws and stand upright, looking almost human-like.

Coco’s owners recognized their furry friend’s delightful quirks and decided to showcase her talent to a wider audience. They set up an Instagram account for Coco and her sister Cici, posting adorable pictures of the two pups as they go about their daily fun activities.


The unexpected surge of popularity took them by surprise. Coco and Cici, the charming duo, quickly rose to fame on the internet, gathering an impressive 233K following on Instagram. Admirers were captivated by their daily adventures and adorable bond.


Katee Lauchner, who is full of joy as Coco’s owner, shared her admiration for her adorable pet. She mentioned that Coco is a very affectionate and gentle dog. Her pet tends to behave like a human and enjoys spending time with its human companions. Coco even prefers belly rubs over playing with toys.


As I look back on Coco’s impressive ability to learn tricks quickly, Jessie, who is Katee’s daughter, provided some valuable insights into the talented canine’s progress. According to her, Coco learned how to “sit” in just a week, followed by learning how to “down” the following week. After that, she quickly added “roll-over” and “high-five” to her bag of tricks. Jessie also revealed that she is responsible for managing Coco’s social media accounts.


The highlight of the show was the command to “sit pretty”. This particular pose, which is often seen in Coco’s pictures, was achieved through her learning to remain seated and then raising herself onto her hind legs. Jessie revealed that Coco’s eagerness sometimes causes her to stand instead of sitting in this position because of her limitless enthusiasm.


Coco has captured the hearts of many with her adorable personality and talent for mimicking human actions. Her Instagram presence is a source of happiness, showcasing the impressive capabilities of our furry companions.

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